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Image of Russell Downing

The Emperor of Thurcroft’s New Clothes

Russell Downing and Giordana Racing,

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Image of Russ Downing

Back With the Old Firm

Russell Downing takes on a new racing and ambassador role 

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Image of Rik Van Looy
An Audience with the Emperor.

A cycling legend if ever there was one, Rik Van Looy rarely gives interviews, but when he does he’s as open and forthright as he was dominant when he raced.

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Wildman of the Woods

Eddy Planckaert was and always will be unconventional. In 2006 the Belgian classics star was living in log cabin deep in the Ardennes forest with no mains water or electricity.

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Image of Adam and Simon Yates
First encounter of the twin kind

An interview with Adam and Simon Yates when they were 17 years old.

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Image of Geraint Thomas
Thomas’s First Tour

The 2018 Tour de France winner talks about his first experience in 2007.

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Image of Russ Downing
Plenty of Tread Left
On the eve of his 21st season as a professional bike racer we spoke to one of the UK’s most popular riders, Russell Downing

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